About me

mug shotI’m Marc Evers. Through my company Piecemeal Growth, I work as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development and software processes. I train and mentor people in technical skills, agile processes, project management skills, and personal skills. In this way, I help IT organizations becoming true learning organizations that focus on continuous reflection and improvement: apply, inspect, adapt.</p>

I also organize workshops, courses, and conferences on agile software development, extreme programming, systems thinking, lean software development, theory of constraints applied to IT, and personal growth (the latter based on the works by Virginia Satir). I’m co-founder of </span>the Agile Open and XP Days Benelux conferences.

Read more thoughts and ramblings on (agile) software development, systems thinking and other stuff in this blog and on my homepage or see my LinkedIn profile.

You can contact me at marc -at- piecemealgrowth -dot- nl