Advanced TDD workshop in Ghent

Together with Willem, I’ll be running a workshop about Responsibility Driven Design for the Agile Belgium User Group, in Ghent on 12 March. The objective of this workshop is to show how responsibility driven design takes object oriented thinking and test driven development a step further:

Responsibility Driven Design with Mock Objects

Object oriented design is the art of assigning the right responsibilities to the right objects and arriving at a clean, loosely coupled, and highly cohesive design. Test Driven Development (TDD) will guide you in that direction, but not far enough. TDD helps to get loosely coupled objects, because coupling hinders the test-code-refactor rhythm.

Responsibility Driven Design is an approach that goes a step further. It shifts the focus from state to interactions and responsibilities. It helps to get a highly cohesive, loosely coupled object oriented design – an approach facilitated by test driven development with mock objects.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use the CRC card technique (Class-Responsibility-Collaborator) and mock objects to evolve a design in small steps, by looking at classes and their responsibilities, relations and interactions.

After a bit of presentation and a live programming demo, we’ll run a short coders dojo so you can experience it yourself. The dojo makes this session also interesting if you are already an RDD master.

Interested in this topic, but unable to participate? We offer courses on OO Design, Test Driven Development, Mock objects, and Refactoring in different forms, from short workshops to 2-day courses. Feel free to contact us.