Back from XP Week Europe

I’m back from the European XP Days – XP Day Benelux in Mechelen (again quite succesful, we had about 100 participants), the one in Karlsruhe (Germany), and the XP Day in London.

I’m feeling exhausted and happy. Good sessions, great conversations with people, got lots of good ideas (and beer). One of the highlights was Dave Snowden’s tutorial in London about (among other things) the Cynefin model of sensemaking I recommend Snowden’s paper on this subject – warning: it took me quite some time to really grasp it and I’m still processing…

Willem and I have run our systems thinking session three times and it turned out to be different each time (more about that later). The chicken helped us out well (actually, its more like a duck, but it hasn’t been able to shake off its chicken-label):

At XP Day Benelux, it has also helped the Chicken Talks session (formerly known as the Lightning Talks session) to become a great success.

We’re planning to run XP Day Benelux again next year. We’ve also got some ideas for new conferences, like a European Agile Open Space conference in spring 2005 (more about that later, please contact me if you’d like to know more or if you’d like to help organizing).