Balancing Act at XP Day France and SPA 2006

In March, Willem and I will be running the Balancing Act – Simple Tools for Feedback, Courage and Communication session at XP Day France (23-24 March in Paris, the first XP Day in France) and at the SPA2006 conference (26-29 March in St. Neots, UK, formerly know as the OT conference). At SPA2006, Emmanuel Gaillot will co-facilitate.The Balancing Act session is about a number of people tools based on the work of the family therapist Virginia Satir. The session is highly experiental and intensive – almost no presentation, but a lot of doing, playing, experiencing and reflecting on your experience and your feelings. The session helps you to take a step in the transition from fear to fun in interacting with others (I’ll elaborate on the fear to fun theme in a next blog entry).

We are improving this session step by step, through several runs. We are also running the session with different co-facilitators, so that more and more people will get experience facilitating the session and the Satir tools.

So, if you’d like to learn how to improve your communication skills or if you’d like to cope with your co-workers (and yourself!) more effectively, and would like to have a lot of fun in doing so, come to XP Day France and/or SPA2006 and participate in the Balancing Act.

Hope to see you there!