Conference appearences in October

This month, I will run two workshops (together with Willem van den Ende) at the following conferences:

Story Testing at the Scandinavian Agile Conference
15-16 October in Helsinki (Finland)

As a developer, I want to know story testing frameworks and practice one of them, so that I can test stories using the examples the product owner writes together with me.

As a product owner, I want to understand the process of testing stories and practice specifying acceptance criteria using example scenarios, so that I can help developers develop what I want.

This workshop focuses on behaviour driven development and writing automated tests for user stories based on examples, with story testing frameworks like Cucumber or JBehave. Learn about specification by example, tools for testing user stories; practice hands on writing and improving story tests using example scenarios.

Mapping Product Line Value Streams at the
Practical Product Lines conference
20-21 October in Amsterdam (NL)

The goal of this workshop is to apply and evaluate value stream mapping as a tool for understanding business value creation in a complete software development organisation from requirements to delivery. We wil use value stream mapping to analyse existing processes or product lines brought in by the participants.

We use simple tools like index cards to prevent discussion about drawing techniques and enable all attendees to participate in creating a value stream map.

Would you like to register for the Practical Product Lines conference at a 10% discount? Just let me know.