Mastering Projects

Would you like to get more out of your projects? Are you juggling multiple projects at the same time? Are you an ‘accidental’ project manager, managing projects in addition to your ‘regular’ job? Are you working as a Scrum master, agile coach, or agile project manager and your projects refuse to go by the book? Are you involved in complex, cross-functional projects that you want to bring to a successful end? Or are you just interested in challenging ideas about project work?

You only get so far with tools, techniques, methodologies and frameworks, schedules and breakdown structures. The real leverage lies in the people involved. If you’d like to become more effective in getting the best from the people involved in your projects, participate in the experiential Mastering Projects workshop we’ll run on 14-16 May in Epe (in the beautiful center of The Netherlands).

Gert Heres and I are proud to announce that we will bring David Schmaltz and Amy Schwab from True North pgs Inc. over from the US to facilitate their 3 day Mastering Projects workshop. David is the author of the book The Blind Men and the Elephant: Mastering Project Work – How to Transform Fuzzy Responsibilities into Meaningful Results and he has served, among other things, as faculty for Jerry and Dani Weinberg’s Problem Solving Leadership Workshop.

We won’t waste your time with theories how project should work. You won’t get an official project management certification either. Instead, you will learn how to get the best from the people involved in your projects, not only from the ‘official’ project members but from the whole community around your project.

It’s a very intensive, practical, experiential workshop, where you will learn techniques and strategies that work, applying these to the project you bring in.

Mastering Projects is a 3 day residential course. Participation costs € 2075, this includes everything – course, materials, breakfast, lunches, dinner, 2 nights lodging, beautiful surroundings, and drinks at the bar ;-)

For more information see the workshop website or the brochure [PDF, 178 Kb]. Note that this is a very special, one time event with only 20 places available, so be quick to register!