People vs. process

This week I got a notification that our proposal for an interactive presentation called People vs. Process: Cultural Patterns of Software Organizations has been accepted for both XP Days Benelux (15 and 16 November) and XP Day London (19 and 20 November). I’ll run this session together with Willem.

In this session, we are going to present different cultural patterns of software organizations, as described by Jerry Weinberg in his 4-volume Quality Software Management series. We’ve found this model of cultural patterns useful as a tool to understand IT organizations and to know where and how we can intervene effectively. The model gives a fresh perspective on software organizations, with a people oriented instead of process oriented view. It focuses on subculture and people’s behaviour.

During the next few weeks, I’ll write a number of blog entries about these cultural patterns. If you want to read ahead, here are a few links about the patterns:

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