Touring around

We’ve toured around with our People vs. Process session. At XP Days Benelux we did the session in 60 minutes, which proved to be a little on the short side for the exercises and discussion the session generates. At XP Day in London we had 90 minutes, which is about the right amount of time.

According to the feedback we received, most people liked (or even loved) the session; it made them think and gave them new insights, like why agile does not always work. The slides are available for download (PDF, 1 MB). I enjoyed both conferences a lot. Lots of people have written about their experiences, see e.g. the reports about XP Days Benelux.

If you missed us at the conferences and you would like to know what this fresh perspective on organizations and teams is, let Willem or me know. We’d be happy to run the session at your place and let you see things in a way you’ve never seen them before… ;-)