XP Day Benelux 2006 – call for sessions

This year we’re going to organize the XP Day Benelux conference for the fourth time. It will be held in Elewijt Center, in Mechelen (Belgium), the location of the XP Day Benelux 2004 and Agile Open conferences.XP Day Benelux provides an excellent opportunity to share experiences and learn about Extreme Programming, agile software development, and quality software development in general. The conference focuses on practical knowledge, real-world experience and active participation of everyone.

Organizing a session is a very effective way to learn from a conference. Our call for sessions is out, you can send in your proposals and ideas until August 1st.

Like the previous years, November will be conference month: XP Day Germany will be held on November 24th in Hamburg, XP Days London on November 27th and 28th.